• Phosphate Standard Solution,50mg/L as PO4 (NIST),16/pK-10mL Voluette Ampules

    Phosphate Standard Solution,50mg/L as PO4 (NIST),16/pK-10mL Voluette Ampules

    SGD 220.00 SGD 119.00
    • Simple Accuracy Checks
    Voluette and PourRite Ampule Standards are designed to work directly with Standard Additions accuracy checks in Hach procedures and photometer software. Use the TenSette Pipet to add precise spikes of standard and check percent recovery to confirm analytical system performance.
    • Minimise Waste
    Open a fresh standard ampule for each accuracy check. Each ampule contains enough standard for one set of standard additions.
    • Reliable Results
    Sealed ampules prevent accidental contamination or evaporation of standard solutions.
    • Specifications
    • Concentration: 500mg/L
    • Description: Phosphate as PO43- (NIST)
    • Platform: Solution
    • Quantity: mL/16
    Expiry Date: April 2020
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