• Portable Hygrometer with Back Lit Display

    Portable Hygrometer with Back Lit Display

    SGD 790.00 SGD 425.00
    • The testo 625 is a compact instrument with an integrated humidity probe head for the measurement of air humidity and temperature.
    • The large two-line display quickly and reliably shows humidity, Wet Bulb temperature or dewpoint, as well as temperature.
    • For measurements in difficult-to-access places, the humidity probe head can simply be removed and plugged onto the handle with a probe cable (accessory); alternatively, the measurement values can be transferred wirelesly from the probe to the measuring instrument over large distances.
    • For this purpose, the humidity probe head is plugged onto the wireless handle (accessory), and the testo 625 is equipped with the radio module (accessory).
    • Display of temperature and relative humidity/ Wet Bulb temperature/ dewpoint
    • Measures & displays % rH, °C, WT°C, td°C, hold, Max. / Min.function
    • Detachable sensor for duct application
    • Min/Max. Values
    • Hold-button for fixing measurement value
    • Display illumination
    • Auto-off function
    • TopSafe, protection of instrument against dirt and impact
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