• Testo 830-T1 Fast IR Thermometer

    Testo 830-T1 Fast IR Thermometer

    SGD 180.00 SGD 131.00
    • The testo 830 non-contact infrared thermometer family is used to measure surface temperatures across a wide range of applications from the HVAC, refrigerated warehousing, transport of pahamaceuticals, to food, food service and spot checking of perishable goods.
    • The testo 830 is used in supermarkets to check open shelf refrigerated coolers as well as by car mechanics to check the transmission fluid’s temperature to assure the right filling level.No matter what is the 830’s application, testo 830 assures the highest possible recording accuracy of 0.1 °C due to the new processor and redesigned electronic components.
    • Laser measurement point maker and large lens for accurate measurement at long distance
    • Fast action at two readings per second
    • Adjustable emissivity
    • Two selectable thresholds
    • Easy to handle pistol-grip design
    • Hold function and display of min/max values
    • 1 pointing laser
    • 10:1 lens
    • Includes 9-volt battery and factory calibration document
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