Blackline G6 Single Gas Detector

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Blackline G6 Single Gas Detector

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G6 from Blackline Safety is the new standard in single-gas detection, helping your workers access the help they need in the event of an incident—and helping you take quick and informed action.

With direct-to-cloud connectivity, G6 delivers immediate location awareness and vital information through emergency SOS and notifications of high-urgency events and low compliance. Plus, automated analytics and accurate data insights help you stay a step ahead of possible safety risks.




Streamline incident response

  • Take quick and informed action with vital and up-to-date worker location and safety status information
  • Trigger an emergency SOS manually during critical situations for immediate help
  • Deliver real-time notifications to emergency contacts during high urgency events to keep people informed and aware of hazardous environments


Improve Safety and Compliance

  • Efficiently manage compliance with real-time time visibility and easy access to dashboards on device usage, calibration, bump testing and more
  • Enhance adoption with a connected easy-to-use, intrinsically safe device that require minimal maintenance
  • Gain valuable insights for a deeper understanding of ways to proactively prevent incidents and improve safety processes and training


Boost Operational Efficiency

  • Enhance accuracy, eliminate reporting errors and streamline compliance management and incident investigation through automation
  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs, easily find lost devices, and save money on replacement expenses through wireless connectivity
  • Choose to own, rent or lease to maximize your CAPEX or OPEX budgets

Built-In Capabilities

Built in Capabilities

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