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Calgaz Recycle Kit for Calibration Gas Cylinder

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As part of our continued commitment to the community and the environment, Calgaz has always promoted recycling of the cylinder material. As a demonstration of that commitment we have introduced a Recycling Kit.

The Recycling Kit consists of this special patented recycle tool with instructions and safety glasses.


The tool is designed to safely destroy the cylinder valve and render it useless. The process will leave a visible hole in the cylinder valve assembly. Although we highly recommend the Recycle Tool be used only with empty cylinders (especially cylinders containing flammable gas mixtures), special ports built into the tool allow for the safe venting of any residual gas that may be present. Cylinders that are destroyed with the Recycle Tool may be shipped common carrier without restrictions. The destroyed cylinders may be collected by local scrap metal dealers for recycling. 

Quick Specs

The Recycling Kits are available in two model numbers:

  • Model 4250 (External Threads) : for use with 8AL, 2AL, 10AL and 6D cylinders
  • Model 4260 (Internal Threads) : for use with 7EOC and 7HP cylinders

Weight: 1.0 lb
Warranty:24 months
Includes: Recycle tool, safety glasses and instructions


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