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King's Comfort Range Safety Shoes

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NEW King's Comfort Range Safety Footwear. Tough Outside. Soft Inside. 

In King’s, we believe that safety footwear should primarily offer 3 essential features. Firstly, they should provide protection from feet injury and slip. Secondly, they should provide comfortable experience for foot and physical health. Finally, lasting sturdiness for cost efficiency.

Different industries and applications demand different requirements of safety footwear. For safety managers working in construction, general industry, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas or utilities, the King’s Comfort Range offers superior comfort and quality safety footwear that meets the necessary safety and health requirements of your industry.


The NEW King's Comfort Range Safety Shoes is desgined for superior comfort, durability and most important, safety. 

Footwear Features:

Sole Features

  • Puncture Resistant-Pierce-resistant steel midsole reduces the risk of sharp objects penetrating the sole and entering the foot
  • Anti-Static sole helps protect you from the dangers when in contact with live electrical circuits
  • Slip Resistant - Cleated design sole provides ultimate anti-slip feature that enhances grip for better stability. SRC tested on ceramic tiles with diluted soap solution (SRA) and smooth steel floor with glycerol (SRB)
  • Self-Cleaning Sole - Improved technical outsole optimised fluid evacuation and provides greater bending flexibility
  • Heat Resistant Up to 120˚C
  • Mineral Oils & Acids Resistant 
  • Organic Oils & Fats Resistant 

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Comfort Features

  • King's signature wide profile safety toecap offers maximum comfort to your toes
  • Highly breathable 3-D lining reduces abrasion when in contact with skin, allowig your feet to remain insulated while drawing excess moisture from the foot
  • Enhanced footbed for greater comfort and heel support, with highly breathable perforated channels that dries up faster and promotes foot freshness
  • Ergonomic cushioning design to provide ultimare comfort that greatly reduces foot, leg and back fatigue when walking on hard surfaces. 
  • Superior ligh weigh deisgn to provide you greater comfort for long hours of wear

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Toecap Feature

  • Offers protection against falling object or compression. Developed to withstand an impact of 200 joules

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Special Features

  • Wear-off indicator provides an early warning on sole wear and its potential loss of grip to gauge for a replacement

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EN ISO 20345 

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Are composite or steel toe safety shoes better?

Steel toe shoes offer more protection than composite shoes since they can withstand higher impact. They are also less expensive. However, steel toe shoes are heavier and do not breathe as well as composite toe shoes. This makes them less comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Are safety toe boots worth it?

A wide profile toecap provides extra comfort for your forefoot and toes, allowing more room for movement. It also allows your toes to splay easily and offers a sense of balance and greater stability, which can easily withstand long hours of work.

How to tell when your safety shoes are worn out?

Wear-off indicators on the sole provide an early warning on sole wear and potential loss of grip.

Is there a warranty claim for the safety shoes?

Ansac Technology offers a warranty claim that is the longest among other brands at six months.


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