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Honeywell NIOSH Approved H801 Plus N95 Mask [20pcs/box]

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The Honeywell H801 Plus cup-shape N95 Mask was redesigned for easier breathability and improved comfort. Explore why the Honeywell H801 Plus N95 Mask can offer you superior respiratory protection.


Honeywell H801Plus cup type mask is a particulate respirator which complies with NIOSH 42CFR-84, N95 standards, offers high
protection level, low breathing resistance, good breathability, comfort and applicability, and provides users with a
safe and comfortable particulate protection solution.



  • Prevent non-oily particles and the filtering efficiency exceeds 95%;
  • Large breathing area to effectively improve the breathing resistance;
  • Large breathing chamber to accelerate gas flow and effectively reduce the dead space;
  • Arc-shaped stiffeners prevent extrusion and deformation to improve the stability and safety when wearing;
  • Aluminum thickened nose clip, easy to shape and bend resistant
  • The sealing material is used for the nose pad, characterized by high fitness, softness and comfort; it can
    relieve the pressure on the nose bridge and make you feel more comfortable;
  • The elastic woven belt stands wear and tear and relieve the pressure on the head; and it is suitable for long
    hours of use;


Material Compositions: 

Material Compositions


Industries & Applications: 

This product has a wide range of applications for particles protection in industries of construction, mining,
textile, manufacturing, wood processing, pharmacy, electronics and automotive manufacturing etc.



NIOSH approved N95 particulate respirator

Please follow the steps listed below when it comes to headbands:

1. Cup the respirator in the hand, allowing the head straps to hang freely.

2. Hold the respirator under the chin with the nosepiece facing outwards.

3. Place the lower head strap around the neck below the ears

4/5. Holding the respirator against the face with one hand, place the top head strap above the ears, around the crown of the head.

6. Mold the nose area to the shape of the face, running the fingertips of both hands from the top of nosepiece down both sides while pressing inward. Always use both hands.

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