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ATi D16 PortaSens Portable Gas Leak Detector

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Portable gas detector to monitor, detect and protect

ATi’s D16 PortaSens is a battery powered, hand-held leak detector with an integral 4GB datalogger. Using a pump to speed-up gas detection for the protection of people, the D16 also offers alarms and a data logging facility. The superior sensor used in the PortaSens lll is interchangeable between our fixed and portable devices and use an industry-leading, pre-calibrated ‘vapour’ sensor that requires an annual replacement with no calibration, increasing its efficacy. Designed for easy one-hand operation, the gas detector contains an internal sample pump and a flexible sampling wand to allow pinpoint location of the source of leakage. A touch-sensitive color graphic display provides clear concentration display and a back-light for the display ensures readability in low or no light conditions. Up to 60 different types of gas selection including Hydrogen Fluoride & Hydrogen Peroxide.



ATI’s new PortaSens III portable leak detector (Model D16) is ideal for locating leak sources or simply for measuring gas concentrations in the workplace. With a built-in sampling pump and inlet wand, sample is drawn from precise locations where leaks may occur. Areas around valve packing, flanges, compression fittings and other system components are easily checked to find the higher gas levels that exist near the leak site.

The PortaSens III is physically similar to its predecessor, the PortaSens II which has been in service for the past 15 years. The internals of the instrument have been completely redesigned with a modern USB computer interface, a color touch-screen display, and improved pump control. As with the original, the D16 detector has the ability to measure a wide variety of gases by simply inserting the appropriate sensor for that gas. The D16 can use any of over 60 different sensor modules, providing nearly unmatched flexibility. Sensors can be changed quickly and easily without the need for calibration.

Sensors used in the PortaSens III are ATI’s H-Series smart sensor modules. Each sensor module is actually a sensor, amplifier, and memory module in one compact package. Because of this design, sensor modules can be calibrated independently and simply plugged into any detector for immediate use.
When installed in a detector, calibration data is loaded into the microprocessor so that no adjustments are needed. The result is that a detector can, for example, go from phosgene measurement to ammonia measurement in less than one minute.

Features & Benefits

  • Interchangeable “Smart Sensors” for gas flexibility

  • NEW IR sensors for methane & carbon dioxide

  • Internal sample pump

  • External sample wand

  • 4GB data logging capability

  • NiMH or alkaline batteries capability

  • Easy to read back-lit color graphics LCD

  • No user calibration needed


D16 Portable Gas Detector_Sensor

Each sensor module is factory calibrated at the time of shipment and is ready to use by plugging it into the receptacle in the D16 manifold.
Each module can be used for logging data over minimum and maximum ranges indicated.

Sensor will last 2 to 3 years (depending on use and storage)

What’s in the case?

D16 Portable Gas Detector_Casing

When you receive your D16 Portable Gas Detector (Fig: 1), open the carrying case and inspect the contents to be sure that no shipping damage has occurred.

The following items should be included inside the case:

  1. D16 PortaSens III
    Portable Gas Detector Unit
  2. Sampling Wand
    This clips onto the inlet fitting on manifold lid
  3. Sensor Keeper
    Used to store sensors/spare sensors in between use
  4. D-cell, NiMH Batteries x2
    Insert into base of D16 (these are rechargeable)
  5. Charging Unit
    Assists with future charge of battery
  6. USB Data Cable
    Used to download data, no software required
  7. Flow T Adaptor
    Not required as calibration completed at ATi
  8. Filter Discs
    Not required as working in a clean environment
  9. RotaMeter
    Not required as unit will alarm if issue with flow rate

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