TopTrak 822 Series

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TopTrak 822 Series

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Sierra Instruments' Top-Trak® Model 820 Mass Flow Meter is designed to replace volumet­ric flow rate devices at a comparable installed cost. No temperature or pressure corrections are required, as in the case of most other flow monitoring devices, such as rotameters, turbine meters or critical orifices



  • Direct monitoring of mass flow rate eliminates need for ancillary pressure and temperature sensing
  • Digital display of mass flow rate on flow body or remote version for panel mounting
  • Electronic output of mass flow rate for control or data-logging
  • Fast response to changes in flow rate
  • Large, straight sensor tube reduces contamination and maintenance down-time
  • Platinum sensor eliminates zero drift and ensures long-term repeatability
  • Primary standard calibration ensures starting point accuracy and NIST traceability
  • CE Approved

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