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Testo 340

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Compact design combined with reliable engineering makes Testo 340 the ideal analyser for commissioning, service and maintenance work as well as measurements for monitoring purposes;  Industrial burners,  Stationary industrial engines, Gas turbines & Thermal processes. The Testo 340 combustion analyzer is an easy-to-use flue gas analyzer that can be fitted with up to four different gas sensors.


Testo 340 is the ideal, versatile hand-held analyser for industrial flue gas analysis and emissions. It offers benefits such as: The unique measuring range extension feature facilitates unlimited measurements even at high gas concentrations. The testo 340 is equipped with an O2 sensor as standard. 3 additional gas sensors can be individually configured at any time so your analyser is optimally adapted to your measurement job. Benefits:

  • Direct measurement of 4-gases simultaneously
  • CO range extension 50,000 PPM
  • Automatic sensor protection range extension
  • Smart phone App compatible
  • Measurement range extension for Single dilution slot or optional for all sensors
  • Pressure / Flow measurement standard in every Testo 340
  • Automatic flow-controlled gas pump
  • 18 standard fuels and additional 10 user-defined fuels - Fuel data is calculated using software easyEmission

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