VKM Viscosity Compensated Flow Meter

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VKM Viscosity Compensated Flow Meter

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Kobold VKM have a spring loaded float, which slides within a cylindrical measuring tube and has an integral orifice which is believed to be unique. This and other design features means that it has for the first time become possible to create a flow meter and switch which fully compensates for viscosity and to a large extent for density even with very low flows.


Description: If viscosity changes from 1mm2/s to 540mm2/s the indicated value is still accurate within +/-5%, even with very low flows, for example 0.1L/min. Thanks to the virtually perfect viscosity compensation and good density compensation to the flow meters and switches of the latest generation are suitable for water and highly viscous oil, without having to change the scale and without readjustment. This constitutes extremely important advance especially in the critical area of oil lubrication circuits where measurement and switching are neccessary at changing media temperatures. Features: 
  • Measuring/Switching Range: 0.01...80L/min for oil
  • Connection: G1/4...G1, 1/4"...1" NPT female
  • Max Pressure: 250bar...350bar
  • Max Temperature Media: 100°C
  • Accuracy: +/-4% FS

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