ZOD-Z3 Display Convertor

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ZOD-Z3 Display Convertor

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Kobold ZOD-Z3 is a fully programmable self-powered flow rate & totalizer sepcially designed for computing and displaying flow rates and totals from flow meters or machinery with frequency, sine waives or pulse outputs.


Description: The instrument displays instantaneous flow rate, resettable total and cumulative total in engineering units as programmed by the user. Integral 3.6V lithium battery supports rate and total displays and provides as much as five years of service, depending on the usage. Features: 
  • 9mm high alphanumeric LCD characters and subscripts display
  • 8 digit LCD resettable and cumulative totalizer display
  • 5 digit for rate display
  • One 3.6V lithium battery internal power source
  • 24Vdc external source and 4-20mA loop powered
  • Reed switch pulse input from DOM rotor
  • Max 80°C operating temperature

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