• ANSAC Turns 18 This Year!

    BW MicroDock II Hands On Training

    First Training of the Year 2018 is Here!

    The BW MircoDock II Hands On Training will be held on the 20th March 2018, Tuesday from 0930am to 1130am in our office. Due to an overwhelming response, we are officially closing the registration for the training.

    A big thank you to our customers who have signed up! Failed to register for our training? NO WORRIES! Stay tuned for our next training date on our website!

    King’s Safety Shoes-Up to 45% Off + S$5 Voucher + Purchase with Purchase Promotion

    King’s Safety Shoes Promotion- Up to 45% Off + S$5 Voucher + Purchase with Purchase Promotion

    What can you get from this promotion? 

    1. Buy King’s Safety Shoes and save 45% on your order! 
    2. Receive S$5 voucher if you spend a minimum of s$80.00 
    3. Purchase A700 safety glasses @ S$1.60/pair with purchase of any pair of King’s Safety Shoes

    Call us at (65) 6368 0225 or email to sales@ansac-tech.com.sg for further info!

    Honeywell Safety Gloves New Year Promotion!

    Honeywell Safety Gloves New Year Promotion!

    1. Honeywell 100pcs Disposable Glove @ $8.00nett/Box only! 
    2. Honeywell General Handling Glove-Pu First Grey from as low as S$1.30nett/pair only! 

    If you worry about the quality and size? No Worries, We’ve got you covered. Just drop us a line @ 6368 0225 or email to sales@ansac-tech.com.sg for the sample!


    TSI Introduces OPC UA Server Option for FMS Software

    TSI FMS Software Version 5.4 now includes OPC UA Server option for immediate access to real-time and historic data to ensure product quality and patient safety. 

    TSI Incorporated, manufacturer of real-time viable particle counters and airborne particle counters for contamination control monitoring, is excited to introduce FMS Software Version 5.4, now including OPC UA Server option. FMS OPC UA Server decreases installation costs by simplifying the facility monitoring system design while offering easy and immediate access to real-time and historic data from multiple sensors connected to FMS—ensuring product quality and patient safety.

    What is OPC UA SERVER? 

    tsi FMS

    CLICK HERE to learn more about the OPC UA SERVER.

    Integrated with TSI’s AeroTrak® Remote Particle Counters, TSI’s FMS OPC UA Client and now Server exchanges environmental data in real-time with end-user systems within a facility. As a powerful industrial communication tool, OPC UA Client/Server securely shares data between industrial platforms with ease and reliability, enabling transfer of critical facility monitoring system data to centralized enterprise reporting systems such as LIMS and ERP.

    “As industry evolves toward continuous manufacturing and real-time release, the need for sensors and software offered by different vendors to exchange data grows,” states Tim Russell, TSI Global Product Manager. “TSI’s FMS OPC UA Server removes common barriers to communication, allowing critical data to efficiently move around a facility in a secure way to give the right people access to important data where and when they need it.”

    CLICK HERE to learn more about the TSI FMS Software available for cleanroom environments within the pharmaceutical, medical device and life science industries.

    Portable Gas Detector available for Rent -“from as Low as S$7.50*”

    Are you looking for a Portable Gas Detector? Suitable for a range of applications?

    We have a full range of Portable Gas Detectors available for rent. Whether you are looking for a Personal Gas Detector for a few days or a long-term contract and do not want the long-term costs of ownership or service then we can tailor a contract to suit your needs. 

    We can ensure you of:

    1. READY TO GO– Units are cleaned, charged, checked and fully calibrated
    2. ACCURATE– NIST-Traceable Calibration, certificate provided
    3. SAVINGS– All part warranty on us, 1 to 1 replacement
    4. TRAINING– Free product operation & technical training upon request
    5. FLEXIBLE– Short term or long term rental available
    6. FREE DELIVERY– We deliver your unit right to your doorstep

    Pls contact our Service Team @ (65) 6661 9653 or email to service@ansac-tech.com.sg for more info.


    Maintain Your Mass Flow Meters Accuracy

    The accuracy of your flow meter is essential in assuring the efficiency, performance, and quality of your flow meter. ANSAC is the Only Factory Authorised Service Centre in Singapore. 

    Calibrate and Validate Your Mass Flow Meter for Reliable Data and Peace of Mind. With ANSAC, we can ensure you of:

    • Minimised Downtime
    • Any brand of Mass Flow Meter
    • Fully Certified Engineers
    • Ensured Accuracy with Regular Maintenance

    To Request for Quotation or Enquiries on Our Service, Pls Call Us at (65) 6661 9653 or email to service@ansac-tech.com.sg

    Up to 45% Off on King’s Safety Shoes

    High-performance safety footwear designed to protect the foot from physical hazards.

    Shop online today and enjoy great discounts!

    Call Us @ 6368 0225 or email to sales@ansac-tech.com.sg for more info



    MicroDock II Hands On Training on 13 Sep 2017

    BW Technology by Honeywell MicroDock II Hands On Training on 13 Sep 2017. Thanks to all our customers for attending the training. Our training courses will empower you with everything you’ll need to know. Contact us for more information at service@ansac-tech.com.sg

    Honeywell Sensepoint XCL-Bluetooth-enabled Fixed Gas Detector for Commercial & Light Industrial Applications”

    Honeywell has released a new Bluetooth-enabled Fixed Gas Detector for Commercial and Light Industrial Applications



    The wall-mounted Sensepoint XCL line of detectors monitors for hazardous levels of oxygen, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and other flammable gases.

    The devices enable users to wirelessly perform tasks via its Bluetooth capability from up to 33-feet away and has been designed for use in commercial-industrial operations such as in fuel stations, warehouses and hospitals.

    When paired with a smartphone, Sensepoint allows a single installer to commission, maintain and manage the detector. It also simplifies the generation of system reports needed for regulatory compliance.

    Product Manager for Honeywell Industrial Safety, Duncan Gooch, explained, “Commercial and industrial businesses rely on gas monitoring technology to keep people safe and operations running smoothly without interruption.”

    “Controlling the detector from a mobile device not only makes the devices easier to install and maintain, it allows users to quickly and easily produce reports needed to meet safety and environmental regulations.”

    Click here for more product info

    Fuel Consumption in Diesel Engines

    Kobold Oval Wheel Flow Meters Model DON may be used for fuel consumption measurement in diesel engines using the dual flow inputs and the ‘A-B’ setting. A pair of DON flow meters is used with a single electronic model ZOK-Z3 to give a net reading of fuel consumption. In this off-shore application, a fuel consumption measurement system has been effectively implemented on diesel engines in small ships/vessels.

    Pls click here for more info about DON

    BW Clip4 Flash Sale-Only 4 Units Left, Buy Now before Sold Out!

    BW Clip 4-Flash Sale design 2-80dpi

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