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Calibration Gases

A calibration gas is a reference gas or gas mixture used as comparative standard in the calibration of analytical instruments. Calgaz is the world leader in the manufacture of calibration gas mixtures in non-refillable cylinders as well as being a global supplier of high pressure refillable cylinders to specific markets.The Calgaz brand has been synonymous with unsurpassed quality, reliability and service. Calgaz gas mixtures and regulators are manufactured and fully tested to ensure reliability and safety, especially in hazardous environments.

Ansac Technology is an authorised distributor of Calgaz calibration gas mixtures in Singapore. We offer various calibration gases for different industrial applications in the market today. Our line of calibration gas mixtures can be used to check the accuracy of the gas analysers and gas detectors that your firm uses for its daily operations. With calibration gases, you will be able to ensure that your operation is running like clockwork 24/7. For a working environment that depends on precision and accuracy for quality results, Calgaz calibration gas mixtures are essential. Browse our range of calibration gases below.