MS2410 Sanitary Flow Sensor

MS2410 with Datasheet

MS2410 sanitary sensor is specific for food or pharmaceutical plants. It is resistant to the vacuum, about 200 mbar at 100 °C. It is ideal for CIP cycles, 3A and FDA certificates.


  • ND 3 to ND 100 nominal diameter
  • Stainless steel body material
  • PTFE lining
  • 0…280 m3/h flow rate
  • PN 16 nominal pressure
  • 150 °C max liquid temperature in separate version
  • AISI316L electrodes
  • Accuracy and repeatability are according to the chosen converter
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 MS2410 Electromagnetic Sanitary Flow Sensor-Datasheet pdf English US 6 MB
 ISOMAG-Brochure pdf English US 2 MB