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Thermo Scientific 1160 Zero Air Supply

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Generate ultra high-purity zero air for analytical and process instrument needs with the Thermo Scientific™ 1160 Zero Air Supply, which can be configured for the removal of a variety of pollutant gases. It is designed for the calibration of environmental instrumentation or as an air supply in analytical laboratories for the conversion of ambient air to pollutant-free air.


The 1160 Zero Air Supply can be configured to operate with or without an internal compressor. If dry air is required, two types of dryers are available; a membrane dryer which will supply the air at a nominal dew point of +5°C or a regenerative or heatless dryer with an output of -40°C. If the internal compressor is chosen, one of these two dryers should also be selected.


  • Up to three scrubbers in optional materials
  • Option of dryer types or no dryer at all
  • Available with or without CO and Hydrocarbon reactor
  • Temperature alarms for system applications
  • 20L per minute supply of air

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