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PARTECH 750w² Portable Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

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The 750w² handheld water quality measurement instruments are simple, robust and accurate tools for measuring a full set of water quality parameters with a single unit.

The new handheld water quality measurement instruments we offer can be applied to many industrial operations in Singapore. The 750w² has been designed to expand on the parameters by allowing a suite of interchangeable water quality sensors to be connected via military-grade cable connectors, initially covering Suspended Solids measurements from intake to discharge via the all-important activated sludge process.

The rugged unit has a built-in data recorder for storing a minimum of 500 data points.

The simple to use interface, multiple sensor options and field-ready design of our water quality measurement instruments makes the new monitor the market leader for on-site monitoring of TSS, Turbidity and Sludge Level.

Lead Time: 14 Weeks


Applications :

Suspended Solids
Mixed Liquor (MLSS)
Aeration Basin
Oxidation Ditch
Returned Activated Sludge
Surplus Activated Sludge
Final Effluent Monitoring
River Monitoring
Sludge Blanket Level
Environmental Application

Features :

Multiple, interchangable sensors
Rugged Enclosure
Carry Bag with Space for 2 sensors
Internal Datalogger for up to
500 records per sensor
Easy to use menu structure
Sunlight readable display with backlight for use in lower light levels

Water quality measurement instruments are a range of handheld devices that can be used to check and monitor the water quality in a given container. By doing so, you will be able to know if the water has impurities or identify an unknown liquid. Here are some areas where water quality measurement instruments can be very useful:

  • Water treatment plant
    Water treatment plants aim to recycle water in such a way that they will be safe for daily use once again. Water quality measurement instruments can provide accurate quality checks for possible impurities.

  • Chemical Manufacturing plant
    Chemical plants such as those that produce paint, liquid cleaning agents and other products in liquid form can make use of water quality measurement instruments to check for the quality of the liquid being used in their operations.

  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
    ​​​​​​​Medicines need intricate measurement of each component to produce a safe and effective output. Using water quality measurement instruments can help keep the quality of the water they use on check.

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