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I::SCAN Multi-Parameter Probe

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Continuous water quality monitoring for Multiparameter (TOC, DOC, TSS, TURBIDITY, COLOR) 

The i::scan is the new miniature multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe that will revolutionize online water quality monitoring from very cost sensitive applications down to highly resolved “Smart Water Grids”. The i::scan combines high performance of a multi wavelength spectrophotometer with even lower costs than simple photometers! 


Features and Specifications

  • Measuring Principle: spectrometry 

  • Onboard memory: 512 MB 

  • Interface to s::can terminals: RS485, MODBUS 

  • Available s::can terminal: Con::line, Con::lyte, Con::cube 

  • Web server on board: Only available with con::cube 

  • Weight: approx. 330 g 

  • Dimension (Ø x l): 38.5 x 295 mm 

  • Parameter: TSS, COD, Color, UV254, UVT10 

  • No consumables and no moving parts 


The i::scan is available for a wide range of applications including: 

  • Drinking Water 

  • Surface Water 

  • Wastewater treatment effluents 

  • Wastewater treatment influents 

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