Honeywell Balanced Hydronic Valves (200…240V, 2 Wire for Spst, w/1000 Mm Cable)

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Honeywell Balanced Hydronic Valves (200…240V, 2 Wire for Spst, w/1000mm Cable) VC4013ZZ00/U

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These 2-position (open/close) control actuators are used with VCZ 1000, 1100, 6000 and 6100 series hydronic valves in a normal indoor environment to provide quick opening/closing to control the flow of hot and/or chilled water or glycol solution to 60% concentration. They are designed for on-off "zone" control of heating/cooling systems, or to control individual fan coil, baseboard radiator or convector applications. Depending on the model selected, the actuator can be controlled by a low or line voltage SPST or SPDT controller, such as a room thermostat, aquastat or flow switch.



  • Use with two-way or three-way valves.
  • Minimal actuator power consumption.
  • Quick-connect or one meter cable electrical connections available.
  • Quick and easy replacement of moving parts.
  • Actuator head installation does not require draining the system.
  • On/Off models with six second nominal timing
  • Use two-position actuators with 1000 Series 2 way and 6000 Series 3-way VC valve bodies only.
  • All VC Series actuator-valve combinations provide 60 psi close-off.


The VC series balanced hydronic valves allow greater control of hot and/or cold water flow.

The VC series balanced hydronic valves are designed for both domestic boiler heating and domestic cooling applications.

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