FlowT Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter FT221

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FlowT Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter FT221

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The FT221 is a full-featured hand-held, transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter. Whether you want to quickly check another meter's flow reading or log your flow system readings over a longer period of time, the FT221 is the right tool for you. The FT221 portable meter sensor has a clip that eliminates the need for tapping or cutting and simply pops out of the tube. The meter can be easily moved and installed in various pipes for easy portability in the field. Its portability makes it an excellent choice for measuring the flow of the entire pipeline infrastructure to check sensor, pump and valve performance.


Installation of the ultrasonic transducer flowmeter

Installation of a clamp-type ultrasonic transducer

Ultrasonic meters equipped with heat flow capability measure the rate and amount of heat transferred or removed from equipment such as heat exchangers. The energy consumption can be calculated by measuring the volume flow of the heat exchange fluid, the temperature of the inlet pipe and the temperature of the outlet pipe.

FT221 Specification

Performance Specifications

Velocity±0.03 ft/s ~ ±40 ft/s (±0.01 m/s~ ±12 m/s)
Accuracy±1% of measured value
Pipe sizeClamp-on: 1″~48″(25mm~1200mm)
FluidFluid Single medium liquid
Pipe materialCarbon steel,stainless steel,PVC and other compact material pipe

Function Specifications

OutputsAnalog output: 4~20mA, Max 750 Ω.
Modbus: RS485
SD card16GB
Interval1 ~ 99999 seconds
Key broadDigital keys
Display240*128 back lit LCD
Power supplyRechargeable Lithium Battery Power,3000mAh
(Continuous operation of main battery 16 hours).
TemperatureTransmitter: -40℃~60℃
Transducer: -40℃~80℃ (-40℃~80℃ is standard; -40℃~130℃ is an option)
HumidityUp to 99% RH,non-condensing

Physical Specifications

TransducerEncapsulated design,IP68
Transducer cableStandard cable length: 5m (16ft).




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