Kamstrup MULTICAL® 21/ flowIQ® 210x Ultrasonic Water Meter

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Kamstrup MULTICAL® 21/ flowIQ® 2101 Ultrasonic Water Meter for Residential Use

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Smart Water Meter-Ultrasonic Compact Meter for measurement of cold and hot water consumption in households, apartment buildings and small commercial properties. 

MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 2101 is an ultrasonic water meter optimised for residential use. Contrary to traditional mechanical meters, MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 2101 is a static meter protected against water ingress with no moving parts. Therefore, it maintains a high and stable accuracy throughout its lifetime of up to 16 years. MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 2101 has a very low error margin, an industry-leading accuracy and an optimised low start flow which ensures that even the smallest consumption is measured accurately. 



  • Pinpoint accuracy

Ultrasonic flow measurement guarantees pinpoint measuring accuracy. The electronic meter has no moving parts, meaning there is no wear and is resistant to any impurities in the water. 

  • Drive-by network or IoT

The water meter comes with the newest radio technology to meet increasing market demands for smart metering, both for Drive by network or Sigfox installations. Consumption data can be read manually directly from the display or using an optical eye. Furthermore, consumption data can be remotely read by means of Wireless M-Bus, which is built into the meter. 

  • Temperature measurement

The meter measures both water and ambient temperatures. The meter is waterproof, IP68 type tested, so also suitable for installation in meter pits. 

  • Low leakage limit

has built in sensitive leak monitoring as low as 0.1% of Q3, which means that event the smallest water losses are detected very quickly. The unique combination of pinpoint measuring accuracy, longevity and built-in radio communication reduces the operating costs for the water company continuously and contingencies, caused by any leakage, are minimised, as waste of water is discovered immediately. 

  • Long range

is equipped with a long range antenna that transmits strong radio signals with intelligent coding to the network. The meter can also be read from a long distance with "Drive-by' 

  • Simple installation 

The water meter is easy to install in all operating environments, horizontally as well as vertically, independent of piping and installation conditions. 

  • Environment-friendly

The compact water meter has been approved for drinking water in several countries. Meter housing and flow parts are made of the synthetic material PPS, which means that the meter does not contain lead or other heavy metals. The environmental report for the water meter, documents that the meter has low environmental impact, and high recyclability of materials when the meter is taken out of service. 


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