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Pulsar Level & Velocity Measurement Terminal, Ultra 4

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Level and Velocity Monitoring System Terminal 

The Level and Velocity Monitoring System Terminal, Ultra 4, offering on-screen trend monitoring in a compact and cost-effective package. 

The Ultra 4 from Pulsar Measurement can dedicate the functionality of the unit to any of three specific duties (e.g. level or volume measurement, pump control, or flow measurement). Despite its high specification and ability to combine these measurements, the Ultra 4 has been designed so that blending these functions does not lead to complicated calibration and a compromise to the product specification. 

The system of Ultra 4 utilizes the unique DATEM software, a proven digital mapping technique developed especially for the Pulsar Measurement Ultra range of controllers. This gives the system unequaled ability when identifying the true target level in the face of competing echoes from pipes, pumps, or other obstructions. 


Features and Specifications: 

  1. Built-in volume calculations from standard tank shapes or calibration curves 

  1. 32 GB Micro SD Card 

  1. Echo profiles and level trend graphs are shown on the built-in display 

  1. RS485 Modbus/Profibus option 

  1. Radar or Ultrasonic measurement technology 

  1. The ability to measure pump control, flow measurement, and volume measurement in one compact unit 


The Level and Velocity Monitoring System Terminal is available for a wide range of applications including: 

  1. Pump Control 

  1. Open Channel Flow & Level 

  1. Chemical Dosing 

  1. Storage Tank Levels 

  1. Sewer Network Monitoring​​​​​​​

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