Honeywell Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplug Refill for HL400 Dispenser (200pairs), LL-LS4-REFILL | Ansac Technology

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Honeywell Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplug Refill for HL400 Dispenser (200pairs), LL-LS4-REFILL

  • $30.00
  • $30.00

Refill your Howard Leight HL400 Earplug Canisters with these convenient, cost-effective zip top bags. Each bag contains 200 pairs of disposable earplugs. Choose from seven different earplug models to ensure the right fit for every user in every environment, from different sizes, shapes, and materials to attenuation levels that accommodate both personal preferences and specific applications. MAXIMUM Disposable Earplugs are the world's most-used PE Foam earplugs and are designed for maximum hearing protection in high-noise environments. MAXIMUM LITE, Laser Lite and MAXIMUM Small Earplugs are intended for smaller ear canals and are the preferred choice of many female employees. No-roll FirmFit Earplugs offer an option for easier insertion, and the tapered design of the X-TREME Earplug offers extra comfort while providing superior hearing protection. All Noise Reduction Ratings meet Canada Class A (L) Standards.


  • LASER LITE REPLACEMENT EARPLUGS: Zip top replacement bag with 200 pairs of Laser Lite Earplugs; flat canister top and wide neck allow easy refilling with reduced chance of spillover
  • LASER LITE HI-VISIBILITY (NRR 32): Vibrant yellow/magenta color allows for easy identification from a distance and helps to ensure workplace compliance
  • FOR SMALLER EARS: self-adjusting foam fits most ear canals and is ideal for use as women's earplugs & for small ear canals; contoured T-shape allows for easy insertion and removal
  • HYGIENE PROMOTION: Laser Lite Earplugs feature smooth, soil-resistant closed-cell foam skin helps prevent dirt build-up and promotes good hygiene
  • RECOMMENDED INDUSTRIES: Manufacturing, farming, chemical, construction, law enforcement, military, mining, municipal, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, steel, metal, transportation

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